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Apart from ongoing faithful relationships with long-term potential, on the trajectory towards marriage, there is of course scope for more recreational encounters and social friendships where you simply hang out to enjoy one another as people.The sexual buzz is there, but for any number of reasons the long-term prospect of anything more than friendship is not for the time being.Such a situation should not be tightly exclusive of others' expressed interest in initiating a more serious relationship.Obviously the starting point is actually to mix with congenial singles.The comments here are directed at those who are mature enough to be engaging in relationships as responsible young adult individuals, and in a position to start thinking about the idea of committing to another person as a life partner in the relationship we call marriage.Many in their early 20s, and most in their teens, will still be more comfortable in a peer group which routinely hangs out together, where any ongoing one to one relationship would tend to be either too serious or simply too distracting.It is a good idea to realise that most young people have three of four significant relationships before they find their life partner.

So, enjoy, but make sure that both sides appreciate and agree that the relationship is just social and not part of a feasibility study.Allow time and social space to develop some confident independence, while all the time growing normal close friendships.Of course, long-term singleness is another matter, and needs to be a calling, with marriage the norm where possible.The relationship can then progress with increasing mutual knowledge and understanding until there is a real connection, at which stage it should become a kind of mutual feasibility study, as discussed below.Secure and contented singleness is a much better basis for initiating a compatible friendship leading to a romantic relationship than is a lonely and hormonally-driven sense of need.

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