Updating family tree maker

FTM is not going to be replaced by Ancestry.com, this is clear In late December 2016, Mac Kiev announced the free update for users who had previously purchased FTM2014 from Ancestry.

(This was an update for users who had Ancestry's FTM2014 to Mac Kiev's version of FTM2014. If you haven’t been notified that your update is ready, please sign up for our mailing list at you’ll receive instructions and a link in a few days.

If Tree Syncing endangers the functionality of the databases on Ancestry.com, should it be part of lineage software?

Tree syncing allowed researchers to use their smart devices to search and save information to their Ancestry trees without overtaxing the memory of their devices.

Ancestry would then download the new information to FTM, and both family trees would be current.

Tree Syncing with family tree seems to put stress on Ancestry’s servers.

If Mac Kiev and Rootsmagic both go live with syncing this problem will get worse.

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