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Clinical treatment methods are outlined in the World Professional Association for Transgender Health Standards of Care, and treatment can include psychotherapy, changes in gender expression and role, hormone therapy, or surgery, or any combination thereof.

No specific treatment is required, and details of your treatment need not be provided.

The State Department will issue a limited, two-year passport with an updated gender based on a physician’s letter stating that the applicant “is in the process of gender transition.” We believe there is no reason for a transgender person to apply for the limited passport.

However, if your physician will not state that you have had appropriate treatment, this option is open to you.

In fact, NCTE encourages you and your provider to only state in the letter that you have had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition.

Details about surgery, hormone treatment, or other treatments are unnecessary and not helpful.

This policy replaces the Department’s old policy, which required documentation of sex reassignment surgery.

In January 2011, the State Department made further improvements to its new policy.

No specific details are required about what type of treatment is appropriate for you.

Signature of Physician Typed Name​Address Phone Date People’s gender transition needs vary, and treatment options are decided between individuals and health care professionals on a case-by-case basis.

The phrase “appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition” is meant to capture a range of treatments that may be appropriate, in each individual case, to facilitate gender transition.

In June 2010, the State Department announced a new policy to issue passports that reflect a person’s current gender when either a previous passport or other personal documentation presented by an applicant reflects a different gender.

Under this policy, a transgender person can obtain a passport reflecting his or her current gender by submitting a certification from a physician confirming that he or she has had appropriate clinical treatment for gender transition.

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