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What’s Good: A transitional season that was truncated because of Parker’s real-life pregnancy, these eight episodes hum with a ruefulness that is probably largely owed to the fact that they were the first to be written and shot after September 11.

In an odd way, that chilly, nervous air works for the show in some places.

Best Episode: “Ex and the City” The finale moment when Carrie dramatically walks away from Big after sending him off to his young fiancé may be a on the nose, and may have launched a thousand mean jokes (look it up), but it remains one of the most indelible scenes of the whole series—sexy, poignant, and free-spirited, it’s what first solidifies this show as a classic.

Worst Episode: “Games People Play” This isn’t the one with the “gay straight man” (an otherwise good episode that has Miranda, foreshadowingly, contemplating fertility), but it’s got weak conceits, like a guy who will only sleep with Samantha if his sports team wins and Jon Bon Jovi as a ho-hum one-off for Carrie, who finds herself in post-Big therapy.

Ten years and two movies later, the show has ceded its cultural prominence, as a new generation fixes its eyes on an entirely different kind of aspirationalism.You have to admire the strange moxie it took, for HBO to put together a half-hour sex comedy, starring Sarah Jessica Parker and two other women in their 30s (and one in her 40s), run by gay men. now and trying to separate it from every hip crime movie it inspired.The casting is perfect, the writing is flirty and sharp, and Carrie still smokes. Aside from the problems of time, the first season relies heavily on not only the corny people-on-the-street interviews, but Carrie’s direct address to the camera.What’s Good: This is when the show really begins to hit its stride.Romantic, clever, and wise in a way the show hadn’t yet been, Season 3 introduces us to the second love of Carrie’s life, the much-mourned Aidan Shaw.

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