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De repente ela começa a receber mensagens de texto no celular de alguém que diz ser ela mesma no futuro, com uma série de dicas para se dar melhor no mundo do namoro.Agora, parece que tudo está encaminhado para que Lucy conquiste todos os seus sonhos - desde que ela siga todas as regras á risca., an upcoming web series, Shiri Appleby plays a 27-year-old woman who starts getting text messages from her future self.The messages warn her to take another look at her questionable boyfriend, and change her dating style before it's too late.It would save everyone some time."Get off Facebook"I forget who said it, and I doubt I'm quoting her properly, but it went something like this: "You have no idea how hot it is when a guy tells me he's not on Facebook." It's fun to talk about how social networking is changing the world, but I think we all know that in reality Facebook is a way to waste time while we're at our boring jobs. Meeting (and stalking, the nice kind, where you do recon through his or her friends) people in real life is much more fulfilling."Get a hobby"A while ago, a friend of mine asked me what I do other than work and go out (to bars, parties, etc). I didn't have any hobbies; no soccer league, no book club, no soup group, nada. Que pensez-vous de la prestation de Candice Accola dans Dating Rules from my Future Self ?

Shiri Appleby, l'actrice de Life Unexpected qui tenait le rôle principal dans la première saison de la web-série, fera un retour en tant que guest star pour accompagner la star de The Vampire Diaries.

If I were receiving text messages from my future (hopefully married, happy) self, I wonder what they would look like."Eat more kale"__Kale is a superfood, a kind of cabbage that you can eat raw or cooked, and is very rich in beta carotene, vitamins K and C and calcium.

It's great for you, if a slight chore to prepapre and eat.

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The actress dishes on the web series, her teen years and her thoughts on technology and dating.

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