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How do you actually prove your spouse has physically penetrated another person, without actually being there in person or getting evidence from someone else who also witnessed it?

Civil partners and same-sex spouses are unable to use adultery as a reason for the divorce as sexual intercourse is not possible between partners of the same sex.

While his entertainment is racy, he has never stripped or had sex for cash.

Despite being branded an "ugly gay" by trolls, Mike's family and colleagues have been supportive.'When I told my parents they were cool with it and my Nan said, "Do what you've got to do",' he said.'My colleagues knew I was gay already and when I showed them they couldn't believe it was me but they said I looked good as a woman.' He added: 'I think some people would be shocked, but I just think if I can make money out of this and enjoy it at the same time, then why not?

The ground of adultery does not include kissing, heavy petting, webcam or virtual sex. Civil partners and same-sex marriages cannot be dissolved using adultery as the reason for divorce.

If you think about it, sexual intercourse is actually very hard to prove if the other spouse will not admit to it.

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