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It does this by writing a value to the adapter that is based on the maximum amount of interrupts that the adapter will generate per second.Setting Interrupt Throttle Rate to a value greater or equal to 100 will program the adapter to send out a maximum of that many interrupts per second, even if more packets have come in.In dynamic conservative mode, the Interrupt Throttle Rate value is set to 4000 for traffic that falls in class "Bulk traffic".If traffic falls in the "Low latency" or "Lowest latency" class, the Interrupt Throttle Rate is increased stepwise to 20000.All hardware requirements listed apply to use with Linux.

Alternatively, you can use ethtool (version 1.6 or later), lspci, and ifconfig to obtain the same information.

CAUTION: Enabling LLI can result in an excessive number of interrupts/second that may cause problems with the system and in some cases may cause a kernel panic.

Int Mode controls allow load time control over the type of interrupt registered for by the driver.

The hardware can handle many more small packets per second however, and for this reason an adaptive interrupt moderation algorithm was implemented.

The driver has two adaptive modes (setting 1 or 3) in which it dynamically adjusts the Interrupt Throttle Rate value based on the traffic that it receives.

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