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A lot of people disagree with that, but it’s basically true.

You can listen to a piece of music and fifteen people will give you fifteen answers of what it’s about.

My whole life, I’ve always had one foot in the classical world and one foot in the rock, pop and folk world. When I first started performing, I had to learn to do that, whereas with Kevin, it’s a much more natural thing.

On one of our records, I wrote a string chart, but I think overall, my songwriting style is pretty independent of my compositional style. It’s so funny, when Kevin and I do these interviews, we learn a lot about each other. I think a lot of the difference between us has actually worked out very well for the band, because you see these very, very different brothers and you also see a strong musical connection.

Speaking on her haters (who knew Ms Dion could even have any of those?!

) who said she would be ‘sink just like the Titanic’ she said: ‘Well, thanks to all you beautiful people those guys were wrong.

When you add lyrics to it, all that goes out the window and you have to communicate on a different level.

Most of the time, I find the two things pretty independent of each other.

How do The Bacon Brothers use music together as an outlet for your creativity these days?MB: There are a couple things I can say to that: The process of being a composer, writing music for other people to play, whether that’s a film score or a cello concerto, is a very different process from songwriting.In songwriting, you’re adding the whole dimension of lyrics and meaning and communication. There’s nothing about music that has any meaning at all.The Titanic did not sink again and I am obviously not locked up in Las Vegas for the rest of my life.In fact, I am exactly where I want to be.’ After joking that she is more British ‘than mashed potatoes’, Ms Celine gushed over some of her favourite British artists by singing Adele’s Hello, the only way she should – the Celine way. As the audience sang Think Twice, word for word, something genuinely shifted in the atmosphere and by the time we got to the famous ‘no no no’ ad lib, every vocal chord in the arena was adequately warmed up enough to attempt to out-sing Celine. During the ‘most difficult time’ of her life grieving the loss of her husband Rene Angelil, Pink wrote the singer a song called Recovering, which she hoped would ‘bring comfort to you in the same way it comforted me’.

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