Kristin russo and dannielle owens reid dating

It may be a relatively young club at Stony Brook but the three-year-old Stony Brook Stand Up Charter and its anti-bullying message is creating a buzz with students.Some of the club’s popularity may be attributed to its campaign video (see below) created in 2012 that is now shown at every new student orientation session and at Convocation.The goal, says Russo, is to provide a much-needed resource that is currently being overlooked."In our work with LGBTQ youth, we realized that many were struggling with talking to their parents, specifically,” says Russo.On November 14 the club is bringing the Brooklyn-based Everyone is Gay program to campus for Stony Brook’s third annual National Stand Up to Bullying Day.

It is an honest and modern coming-out story, filled not with drama but instead with love and understanding.which is expanding its audience to include parents, recently raised over ,000 to launch the Parents Project, a video series of parent-child coming-out stories as well as tips from its cofounders, Kristin Russo and Dannielle Owens-Reid.“I thought it was both amazing and unusual for a straight athlete to be so supportive of an LGBTQ issue,” said Marchese.“I thought it would be interesting to see if we could get some of the students in the Undergraduate College of Arts, Culture and Humanities, where he was an advisor to sign a commitment to end bullying and homophobia.If that’s not enough, her podcast, “My Sexy Podcast”, continues to impress and, along with Liza Treyger, she launched a new web-series taped at JFL called “How Many Questions.” Spoiler alert, it’s hilarious.Look, it can be nighttime in the diner or daytime in the diner!

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