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, Governor Jerry Brown signed a much-needed law making revenge porn illegal in California.When laws like this are made, it's an indicator of just how many people have compromising photos in cyberspace.The CDC reports that STDs among people 65 and older are spreading like wildfire.)Like the rest of us, older people are taking all that horniness and longing and channeling it into messages that can be sent to the objects of their lust with the simple push of a button.As we increasingly live out our lives online and via our smartphones, it makes sense that those machines are now the primary origins and destination points of our communications, intimate and otherwise. A 2012 Harris Interactive study found that 10 percent of adults over the age of 55 admitting to sexting, taking naked photos or making sex videos — from politicians like Anthony Weiner to the guy you just met online. If you send him a more provocative text, it will border on sexting.Let's talk more about this guy: let's say you meet him on a dating site. There are several shots of you on the dating site, but "what the heck," right? So the question is this: should you or shouldn't you sext with this stranger?“Dirty old men” from Benny Hill to Johnny Knoxville’s Bad Grandpa pathetically chase women against a backdrop of yakety sax and laughter.Thanks to an added layer of sexism, “horny old ladies” and “cougars” are so anathema I can’t even think of famous examples to cite.

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But what’s to be weirded out about, considering that studies find more than 50% of American adults have sent or received naughty pictures, videos, emails and texts via their mobile devices?Until recently, "60 Minutes" correspondent Steve Kroft was best known for reporting from dangerous war zones and interviewing United States presidents.Then just a few days ago came a salacious expose from the detailing the three-year affair the 69-year-old had with a 41-year-old Manhattan lawyer.What are the chances a new guy will think about anything but getting you in the sack when you play Most dating experts agree sexting is better when you are in a committed relationship and want to keep things exciting and building.You create anticipation for getting together and what might happen in the bedroom or elsewhere.2. The point of texting is not to share long-winded, passionate or raunchy thoughts. Keep it short to make it easy for both parties to participate and enjoy.

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