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The only shame about Tactics was that it didn't have the kind of character that could match its excellent graphics and combat system - like Xenogears, it was the product of a grim period in the annals of RPG translation.

The Byzantine story finally concluded with a quite profound moral, but most players got too lost on the way there to care very much.

And the North American version was superior to the Japanese version with tuned controls, and two extra levels.

There's truly nothing better than zipping up past an opponent with the grappling hook, and then dropping down behind them and performing a stealth move on him or her. Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo Synopsis: When it was released back in November of 1997, Super Puzzle Fighter II managed to steal away the lives of many gamers around North America.

You used ninja-style weapons and gadgets, the whole story and setting was based in feudal Japan, and the core concept was to sneak around in the shadows, and the better you were at that, the more rewards you received.

Metal Gear Solid also took the assassin concept to new heights, but this one was different and new.

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In fact, based on studies of name recognition among young adults, Play Station is the most recognizable brand name in the area of interactive entertainment and only comes behind Coca-Cola and Nike on the overall scale of things.

Given the large amount of games on the system, the wide variety of titles, and the personal differences of opinion among our editors, this was actually an extremely daunting task -- and one that we took very seriously.

In putting together our list of the Play Station's best, we took many different things into consideration.

We measured factors such as how the game ranked against others in its genre.

We looked at the game's overall depth and replay value, while also taking into account its innovation and the impact that it made at the time of its release. In some cases, the timelessness of one game gave it an edge over the innovation of another, while in others the impact that a particular game made gave it an edge over the stronger points that another game had over it.

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