Edge and trish stratus dating

She said, “It was a bunch of celebs who got shipped off to Muncie, Indiana, and trained to be police officers.So I didn’t need firearms training because I went through that.” So add all that together and it explains a lot of why Stratus – who had been powerbombed and leg-swept in just about every arena in North America – was so eager to do as many of her own stunts as possible.

It's bad timing for officers, but the film was perfect timing for Stratus.

She really knows her character, she owns her character, and she’s so solid in the ring.” WWE has redefined and rebranded its women’s division in hopes that another Stratus will be unearthed–which, as fans of the business know quite well, is no easy task.

with Amy “Lita” Dumas on December 6, 2004, which marked only the third time that a women’s match closed out one of WWE’s premiere shows.

Much like the Fabulous Moolah in eras past, Stratus was a prominent woman in Professional Wrestling.

She was a seven-time WWE Women's Champion and a one-time WWE Hardcore Champion.

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