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Machar spoke for the first time since the crisis began on 18 December in which he said he was not aware of any coup attempt, but instead blamed Kiir for fabricating such allegations of a coup in order to settle political scores and target political opponents.

He accused Kiir of inciting ethnic tensions to achieve his ends.

The United Nations has peacekeepers in the country as part of the United Nations Mission in South Sudan (UNMISS).

In fact, they are the ones rampaging Juba, looting and shooting to kill any Nuer in the residential neighbourhoods." On Christmas Day, five days after his controversial publication, Adwok was arrested and held for two days.

Machar was replaced by Kiir as First Vice President by Taban Deng Gai, splitting the opposition, and rebel in-fighting has become of major part of the fighting.

Although both men have supporters from across South Sudan's ethnic divides, subsequent fighting has had ethnic undertones.

Adwok then controversially claims that the officer in charge of the weapons stores, opened them and rearmed only the Dinka soldiers.

A Nuer soldier passing by questioned this and a fistfight then ensued between the two and attracted the attention of the "commander and his deputy to the scene." Unable to calm the situation, more soldiers got involved and raided the stores.

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