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In 1778, the town was officially incorporated as Adams, named in honor of Samuel Adams, a revolutionary leader and signer of the Declaration of Independence.Much of the land had been subdivided into 100-acre (0.40 km) lots.From towering cliffs keeping watch over the western approaches, to gentle, lush valley slopes, and sun kissed beaches – all is here.The 14-mile stretch of coast that runs westwards from the holiday resort of St Ives to the mining village of Pendeen, can lay proud claim to being the most startlingly beautiful in south-west England.They moved west into New York, and later moved again to western New York.

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Tredegar House has never been an ordinary household.

It has promoted its natural beauty and outdoor activities, and its proximity to the galleries, museums and colleges of North Adams.

The town lies along the valley surrounding the Hoosic River and its tributary brooks.

Although there has never been a town of South Adams, the name was used prior to 1878 to specify the southern part of the town that had long had two primary centers, and survives in the name of the South Adams Savings Bank, which was incorporated in 1869.

Early settlers in the 1760s included a group of Quakers, many of whom migrated together from Smithfield, Rhode Island.

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