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The site wanted to make sure its algorithm established the best matches, and that required testing, Rudder said during a “Data, Democracy and the Human Story” program at the School of the Art Institute of Chicago. But Sam Yagan ⇒ sees dating season differently, from an entrepreneur and executive's perspective.The Illinois Humanities Council and the Smart Chicago Collaborative presented the program.“We wanted to make sure fundamentally the thing our site is based on actually worked,” Rudder said. They include common interests, mutual recent breakups and the idea that opposites attract.“We can’t know which of these patterns might be the best unless we test them against one another,” Rudder said. But Sam Yagan ⇒ sees dating season differently, from an entrepreneur and executive's perspective. He co-founded online dating site Ok Cupid in 2003 and sold it to IAC/Inter Active Corp in 2011 for million. (Kate Mac Arthur)Rudder's blog post also referenced a 2013 OKCupid experiment in which the site removed members' profile pictures for seven hours to promote a mobile app called Crazy Blind Date.A marriage partner can help you see your blind spots and lovingly help you overcome fears and weaknesses.However, God also wants to give loving marriage partners the ability to see your potential in Christ, the plans and calling God has for you, so he or she can pray for you, inspire you, and even challenge you to become all the God has called you to be.(God wants us to reproduce ourselves—He wants a return on His investment, by us raising God-loving children.) It’s going to take more than one man and woman to rule over the earth, to steward the earth and to extend His Kingdom, so all people will come to know the love and goodness of God.Here’s two ways of discipling the earth—first, by reaching the lost and teaching them God’s ways; and, second, by reproducing natural children and teaching them God’s ways. Unfortunately, Christians are losing out dramatically to other religions in the world in this “birth-rate evangelism.” So, family is a serious part of our call, of God’s commission for us to extend His kingdom—He wants us to raise godly natural, and spiritual, children.“At least online.”Rudder's “We experiment on human beings!” blog post appeared after Facebook came under criticism for manipulating the news feeds of some users to test how emotions spread through social media.

In a blog post last summer, Rudder discussed several experiments, unbeknownst to users, that included the site intentionally suggesting bad matches to see how people would behave.Now, let’s go back to that Genesis 2 passage that begins to describe the intent of Kingdom marriage, with the words, “It’s not good for man to be alone.” Today, I’ll examine five of God’s main purposes for marriage, in random order: Christian teacher, John Mark Comer says, “If the point of your marriage is your marriage, it will self- destruct.If the point of your relationship is your relationship, it’s only a matter of time before the wheels come off.” God has designed marriage to exist for something far larger than itself.Together couples have a high purpose of seeking first Christ’s Kingdom and His righteousness, something Jesus called His followers to.We’re called to share His good news, disciple all people and extend His kingdom. Many singles don’t have this purpose in mind when dating. If you are choosing a mate based on whether they meet some items on your list, make you feel good, is someone you’ve got lots in common with, or who you think is “hot,” you’re completely missed God’s plan.

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