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If this tip isn’t hammered down enough, we’re more than happy to reiterate it.

The vast internet is lurking with dangerous individuals.

The Philippine National Police (PNP) has advised to keep your sensitive day-to-day activities private.

If you can’t resist posting your pictures and activities online, tone it down.

Looking For Friends, Chatmates, Textmates and Special Someone Meet Filipino (Pinoy) & Filipina (Pinay) singles on Yahoo Messenger, MSN Messenger, Friendster, My Space, Multiply, Facebook, Hi5, MIRC (Philippine Channels) and thru Text Messaging.

Friendship, Platonic Love and Life as a Single A place to discuss about our friends and the difference they make in our lives.

Use your computer, laptop, tablet, Ipad or Smartphones to browse.Also, the PNP and National Bureau of Investigation (NBI) have their cybercrime department that deals of these matters.You’ll be doing a lot of good with a simple report.The criminals will do their best to keep the momentum of the conversation going.When the victim has fallen to their trap, criminals will now go for the kill.

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