Adam couple really dating

The two seemed to have the kind of chemistry that could sustain them through a relationship off-screen as well as on.

Though there isn't a picture of them together, they each posted a picture posing with the happy new couple: Adam even hints that there was "love in the air" during the party — even though this is explicitly a reference to Rachel and Bryan's recent engagement, it could also totally be a sly way of admitting that he and Raven are still a happy couple. Since different contestants show up at different points throughout the first few episodes, a lot of times the whole thing becomes a game of musical partners.In Raven Gates’ case, she was able to talk to a few different guys during the first week in ?She kind of hit a wall when she went on a date with Robby Hayes, who’s now apparently a "social media influencer" for a living.(OK, Robby, we’ll go with that.) And even though Ben Z.

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